A New Justice

We can only nourish the seed of real justice one heart at a time.

Faithe Anne
1 min readJun 10, 2020


Words delivered, stillborn of action.

“Thoughts and prayers.”

What remains in their wake is the tragic stench of beautiful, dead words — offensive.

We defer to our leaders to fight for justice — but even those courageous enough for battle, can’t legislate control on the depths of a heart.

Each time another life is ripped away, we cry for God to heal our land.

But the God of love can’t animate unwilling hands and feet — and violate love’s nature.

In the mirror reality of Spirit, love’s life-giving waters flow upward — from the particular to the whole.

Truth cannot come in any other way.

For the healing of this nation — this world — a new justice must be virgin born.

Of Spirit and one flesh.

Behind the pen which writes — these words invoke new birth.

“May the cold-stone dam of this one flesh-cased heart, allow the flow of love to break it wide open.”

Release the mind’s grip. Insisting it’s innocence.

In this exchange of compassion, we nourish the seed of a new justice — a true justice — dormant in humanity’s field.