Emerging Light

Faithe Anne
1 min readJun 23, 2021

Out of the ash of what once was, she emerges light — fearless.
She is no longer bound by others eyes.
She loves without fear.

The days gone by held her — confined yet comfortable.
But she grew.
She grew so much that she began to suffocate.
“What’s happening?” she asked — scared and unsure.
The old places no longer held meaning. No joy. No peace.
She kicked and punched — fought for air.
The resulting wounds seemed almost too much to bear.
But then…she was sure of what must be done.

“It’s time” she said. And she took a single match.
She struck it on and lit her most sacred object and watched it burn. Unapologetic.

This time she won’t look back. She’ll leave the shell for good.
She’ll forge a new path — alone if she must.
And you better damn well be sure that she’ll tell all about it.
For her compliant muteness transformed into a voice.
A voice that is strong. A voice that is sure.
A voice unmistakably… hers.