The Seed/Easter Story

Faithe Anne
2 min readApr 11, 2020

The Seed

This story begins with a small, hard dot
In a gardener’s hand as she looks for a spot.
She digs deep down in the cold, dark earth
And the seed — she covered it up with dirt.
Time went on, both day and night.
Something was changing; but out of sight.
The seed broke out of it’s small, hard shell.
It began to sprout — but no one could tell.
Then one spring morning the dirt gave way
To a soft, green plant that could move and sway.
I wonder, I wonder what a seed has to do
With the story of Easter I’m about to tell you?

Jesus Washes His Disciple Friend’s Feet

The dust, the sweat, the desert heat.
Imagine! Jesus washed their feet!
So much care and kind concern.
He showed them love so that we can learn.

The Last Supper

A meal he shared with those he loved,
Asking a blessing from up above.
His disciple-friends did not even know
What the next few hours had in store.


On his knees in the Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus prayed — for them, you, and me.
He saw a choice between fear and love.
He prayed for strength from up above.

A Friend’s Betrayal

The soldiers came to take Jesus to jail.
His friend Judas led them — what a sad, sad betrayal.
His disciple-friends scurried with eyes full of tears,
But Jesus said, “Friends! Dear friends, do not fear!”

Jesus Dies

In the court the judge and the people cried…
(even though he was innocent)… “Crucify!”
So they placed a cross on his shoulders to bear
And a fake crown with thorns on his hair.
Then later that day — a sad story it seems,
He died on that cross. (But remember—the seed!).
When things seem down, and cold, and dark,
You can be sure something wonderful is about to start.

Easter Morning

In the cold, dark tomb where Jesus’ body was laid,
Time went by…there was night… there was day.
Something was changing where no one could see.
New life was sprouting — just like the seed.
Then angels rolled back the stone from the tomb,
And out came Jesus! Alleluia! Allelu!

The Surprise of the Seed

Remember when things seem deep, cold, and dark,
That something wonderful is about to start.
Changes will happen where we cannot see,
Then love will surprise both you and me.